Tea, fight on sticks and a corgi

Hey guys! New video on FIN channel: floorball game, fight on sticks, sniffing tea, and cute corgi included! Go check it our, and, pleeeeeease, subscribe to our channel! =3


Breathtaking adventure at Laajavuori

The more I live in Jyvaskyla the more I feel it is a perfect city for me to live in.

I can always find something new and exciting about it. For example, last weekend me and my hubby decided to try amazing Laajavuori adventure rope park.


First of all, I’ll talk about price. Finland is pretty expensive country to live in, but price at the adventure park is relatively good. It is 25 euros as participation fee and 3 euros for special gloves.


After you pay a fee and get “dressed”, an instructor will tell you what to do (and not to do) at the rope park. Instructor speaks English, so there will be no problems in understanding for foreigners. And after the instruction we were allowed to try the real adventure park.


And it was SOOOOOO cool!


The park is full of different tracks with different difficulty levels, so it will be fun for everyone. In our case we spend 2 hours to try 4 different tracks. And we totally enjoyed it.




So if you want to try something extreme in Jyvaskyla – this park is a great place to visit!