Rushing through a storm

January 23rd me and Evgeny decided to spend watching extremely adrenaline event at the wonderful ski resort Riihivuori near to Jyvaskyla. The name of event was SnowCross 2016, and I should say it was breathtaking.


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I hate fights, but sometimes I’m fighting to death

No, no, no. It’s not what you’ve thought. I’m not a member of unofficial fight club in Jyvaskyla, but I’m a player of Magic The Gathering (MTG) card fights.

This game was introduced to me by a friend of mine – Joona. Joona is a big fan of board games, so once he suggested to play MTG, and a month afterwards I was awaken at MTG Prerelease tournament. And I want to show you a bit of the MTG gamers world.

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