Rushing through a storm

January 23rd me and Evgeny decided to spend watching extremely adrenaline event at the wonderful ski resort Riihivuori near to Jyvaskyla. The name of event was SnowCross 2016, and I should say it was breathtaking.


The weather this time of the year is just prefect for these kind of events: -5 C, and snowing just a bit. I never been to such a kind of race before. You know I was just expecting guys driving their snowmobiles fast (what’s so interesting in it?), but it was so much better, ’cause it was a race with obstacles (snow jumps).


They were flying like birds.


At the beginning of the event I checked the program and I found that woman, old people, kids are also participating in race. It was really interesting for me to see how girls will manage to ride snowmobile, how good are they (Girls Power!). I was following this event with my camera, enjoying every piece of it, waiting for girls to race.  So I asked a woman near to me when is the girls race starting. That time there were such a great race I couldn’t stand to make a few pics. And I was damn surprised by the answer of that woman: “Here they are, riding right now”. Wow. I’ve lost my tongue.


Number 701, Susanna Lemstrom was the winner of women’s race. When she was fully equipped I could’t really say was it a women or man there. I just saw how number 701 was flying from snow jumps,  dashingly turning her snowmobile and fastly driving away in a snow-dust.


All she felt that time was her machine (weighting around 200 kg), snow and other competitor Linn Sjoberg (number 87) chasing her.  Susanna came from Oulu (around 390 km north from JKL) where she teaches people how to ride horses. Maybe that helped her to stay that well in a saddle of a snowmobile. 🙂

Her father and friend came to support her. Her friend presented her a nice motivation sign. XD


Everyone except her mom rides snowmobiles, moreover that day her brother and boyfriend were participating in a snowmobile endurance sprint at Kuusamo. Such a family! For Susanna it was a second race, but she have also  participated in endurance sprints.


Watching girls + veterans race was really interesting, especially ’cause the race took place in such a gorgeous landscape.


Number 90 was Leena Hiltunen. And it was such a cool opportunity to have a chat with her to know that there is a wonderful person hiding behind that helmet. Leena was riding snowmobile since she was a baby (oh, that’s brutal Finnish education XD), but only at 25, at SnowCross 2016 she has her first race in life.


“When I was on the track I didn’t hear or see anything outsie of the track. This was my time and I was doing my best at this race. I wanna show the example to other girls that they can do it”, Leena says. There were 10 round at the race, so at the end of the race she was exhausted. Each rider had a lot of safety: neck support, helmet, body protection.  So it was really hot when she was riding. Even though it felt safe, some accidents happened even to her this race.

Her passion to extreme sports was fateful: she met her love Aleksi because of it.


Aleksi helped her to prepare for the race.


Moreover, Aleksi was also participating in race, but at PRO class. He was the only person with such a funny fluffy mittens (made of fox).


Sad part is that Leena is from Rovaniemi, but her boyfriend lives in Oulu.  Leena works as a salesmen in insurance company (so she knows what is the best insurance for a snowmobile driver); she is also a blogger, and as a typical Finnish person she loves winter sports, sauna and licorice. 🙂

The event was so great people all around Finland and even from other countries came to see it. There were families with little kids, the old, even pets!

23976242073_6e5a8142b8_o24520739641_c69c06c439_o 24307466680_fa6f7dac94_o

A bit of politics. 🙂 Let me introduce you little cutie Putin. XD

She is a 14 weeks puppy with a very powerful name. When I asked her owner why did he call her like this, his answer was “Well, that’s a cool name!”. So people like at least Putin’s name in Finland XDDD.


The race took place at he Riihivuori ski resort, which is located in the beautiful place: hills, snow, and trees create a breathtaking landscape.


It is a very cosy ski resort. Great place to spend a family weekend.


Just like we (me and my beloved hubby) did.


The last part of the SnowCross 2016 was a PRO race.


I can describe it with a single word: impressive.


Extreme sports have heir price: there were several small accidents (nobody was injured).


After each race there were time to fix broken parts:


The were many people to see the race. I’m not surprised: great weather and great event, why not to come and watch?


They even climbed to higher, but more dangerous places to have a better view (well, Finns are really severe!).


In the end of this post, I can say that I know why so many Finns are so cool in riding snowmobiles. They start practice since earliest age possible:

23974893074_f4bb76cea8_o If you want to see more photos from the event, please, check out my Flickr account!

And I always welcome comments and subscription for my blog. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Rushing through a storm

    1. Thank you! You gave me so much compliments I already feel you a big friend of mine :)!
      The best part that the name of French bull dog is Putin. XDDD Maybe that’s why it’s so unhappy looking – there is crisis in Russia.
      By the way, where are you from? I really like your blog – there are such cool pics of street art.

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