My name is Margo and I’ve started catching moments with my camera in 2012. And there was chemistry between me and my camera. Since then I was trying to catch the beauty of this world in my photos. I wanted to share breathtaking moments, the moments in which you realize that life is beautiful, and because of its fullness and details.

I was born in Russia, in a cold little town surrounded by mountains – Kirovsk. And that little place showed me what is the beauty about. My life was always an adventure, I was travelling a lot since I was a kid. And now I’m living in the glorious country of Northern Lights, Finland.

Autumn 2015 I’ve decided to start my personal blog to share the beautiful moments of life in amazing Finland, where I’m studying chemistry as a PhD student. Chemistry is my second passion, and I want to show the beauty of this magical science in this blog through my photos.

So I hope you will enjoy this little project, so make yourself comfortable and welcome!

Margo Catching Moments


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      1. We believe you are doing such a great job of this. Isn’t photography a great way of letting others see life through your eye. We learn from each photo that is shared with us by those out there shooting. So please continue sharing so we can enjoy seeing life from your lens.

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