Tea, fight on sticks and a corgi

Hey guys! New video on FIN channel: floorball game, fight on sticks, sniffing tea, and cute corgi included! Go check it our, and, pleeeeeease, subscribe to our channel! =3


Rushing through a storm

January 23rd me and Evgeny decided to spend watching extremely adrenaline event at the wonderful ski resort Riihivuori near to Jyvaskyla. The name of event was SnowCross 2016, and I should say it was breathtaking.


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I hate fights, but sometimes I’m fighting to death

No, no, no. It’s not what you’ve thought. I’m not a member of unofficial fight club in Jyvaskyla, but I’m a player of Magic The Gathering (MTG) card fights.

This game was introduced to me by a friend of mine – Joona. Joona is a big fan of board games, so once he suggested to play MTG, and a month afterwards I was awaken at MTG Prerelease tournament. And I want to show you a bit of the MTG gamers world.

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Let’s unleash the dog!

Meet Tosya, our lovely dog. Tosya likes running, biting and barking. Pretty ordinary dog. It also LOVES walking unleashed.

BUT in Finland walking dog unleashed is prohibited. This is logical, ’cause controlling the leashed dog is easier than unleashed one. But dogs love to run freely and finns love dogs, so they made really comfortable dog parks around cities where dogs can enjoy the free run with buddies. This is so cool for our fluffy-butt-corgi Tosya! So I want to show you the dog park 5 minutes away from our home, and some pics how our welsh corgi enjoys it.

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