New begining

Sometimes there are really magical things happening in life. Bit by bit one little thing leads to other, and you end up facing something significant and beautiful. Something helping you to realize important things, so simple you’ve missed them.

Once I was inspired by a girl who made a short movie called “Procastinator”. The movie was charming and profound, even though every single person involved in its production was a hobbyist. Roxana, the girl who came up with the idea told me an interesting and simple thing: “I always wanted to make the movies, but never did. And then I realized that to make this dream real I HAVE TO TRY. That’s it. Bit by bit I was thinking about main idea, found enthusiasts to help me with the movie and finally – we’ve made it!”.

I loved that! What a simple wisdom!

So here is my beginning. I’ve always wanted to discover and describe new places and activities in Jyväskylä. I wanted to tell people what’s a foreigner life in this country. What’s great and what’s difficult. So here I am, telling the world with a friend of mine about this plan becoming real thing. We are starting our YouTube channel!

We are Finland Inspired Narratives (FIN) and we’ll tell you curious things. So sit back, relax, watch our video, subscribe and… STAY TUNED!



Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

3 weeks ago it was so snowy in Jyvaskyla. Christmas was in the air, but then….

Snow melted and temperature set in plus so it was rainy and windy everyday. Even in this weather there is some beauty.



But I want snow sooooo much!It’s New Year soon. So let it snow!


Cold, but beautiful

Finally winter came to Jyvaskyla. And I should say it is my favorite time of year! Probably, it is because I was born in the place where her Majesty Winter rules for 9 month. But actually it is because everything is so white, fresh and fun! You can go for ice skating, or skiing, or sledding.

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Amazing beauty of routine

X-ray diffraction sounds scary or boring for most of people. For our research team it sounds like routine. And today I saw the beauty of this routine when Matti (my supervisor) was teaching our group X-ray diffraction technique. It was my first time to work with the machine and I loooved it for sure! =)

You want to know why? Check out the beauty of this pics!

 It reminds me of impressionism art. But it is pure science. Isn’t it brilliant?