Beauty demands sacrifices

In Russia there is an interesting idiom: beauty demands sacrifices. I know myself it is damn true. For example, I have to use a lot of makeup to feel myself beautiful. It takes a lot of time to apply it, than to keep it fine, than to wash it off my face. Make up gives me self-confidence, however it is super annoying to do it as a routine.

Other thing that I have to sacrifice to look beautiful is my meals. I have to always plan what I will eat and be very strict to myself to avoid gluttony and therefore overweighting. And if I break these restrictions I will definitely REALLY break them eating a lot of forbidden things. Of course after that I will feel myself miserable and guilty.

All that stress that I’ve got because of my own standards is a painful price to beauty. And I’m not the only person who is ready to sacrifice  on the  altar of beauty. Such a silly decision made by millions and millions of people every single day all around the world. But it makes us feel good…

So let me quickly show you couple of pictures I’ve taken at -20 C outside with my friend Natasha. She really wanted to have lovely winterish photos, but the temperature outside the day we decided to shoot was FREEEEEEEEEEEZING. However, afterwards we decided that this sacrifice was a good one.



And what are you sacrificing for beauty?


Cold, but beautiful

Finally winter came to Jyvaskyla. And I should say it is my favorite time of year! Probably, it is because I was born in the place where her Majesty Winter rules for 9 month. But actually it is because everything is so white, fresh and fun! You can go for ice skating, or skiing, or sledding.

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