I’m back again!

It’s been REALLY a while since the last post in this blog.

Well, my crazy life just couldn’t let me do all the things I want, so I had to skip blogging for a while. But just to let you know,  I’m doing great! First of all, I had an operation and it well great. The problem tissue was deleted and now I’m having half a year of hormonal therapy to cure the problem totally.

Second, I finally have got a paid position at the faculty! Yay! Now it will be easier to do research, without thinking should I find a job. And research will be my job! It’s just like a dream! =)

Next Friday I will introduce our group to a group of freshman students, so if I will do it good we will probably have new group members.


I hope you all head a great summer, and let’s have a great Fall!

P.S. In Russia 1st of September is a knowledge day. So happy knowledge day!


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