I’m back

I haven’t posted much for a while, but for a reason. No, even reasons.

First of all, I’ve been on my great Irish trip, where I’ve been having lots of fun with my beloved friends. Just have a quick look at these landscapes!




And YES, I finally tried Guinness. And it is damn tasty)).


Second, after that big trip me and my hubby have decided to go for 3 weeks to Russia, Saint Petersburg. He was working in a local University while I was meeting our friends and having lots of photosessions.


And there goes The Third. I thought to check my health in Saint P. And the doctor found a tumor on my ovary.

It’s not a cancer tumor, but I still need an operation ’cause it’s growing very fast. So I’ll have it in May. First I was terrified by this news, but now I am happy that it was found, ’cause I didn’t feel anything bad. So I would highly recommend for all the girls who read my blog to check their health annually. The tumor that I got is very abundant so each 4th girl has it, but doesn’t really feel it. Anyway, I have a positive attitude about this situation (even wearing a hat, lol).


And yes, I’m back to JKL, so there will be more post about life in Finland. And the next one is going to be about health system.





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