I hate fights, but sometimes I’m fighting to death

No, no, no. It’s not what you’ve thought. I’m not a member of unofficial fight club in Jyvaskyla, but I’m a player of Magic The Gathering (MTG) card fights.

This game was introduced to me by a friend of mine – Joona. Joona is a big fan of board games, so once he suggested to play MTG, and a month afterwards I was awaken at MTG Prerelease tournament. And I want to show you a bit of the MTG gamers world.


The tournament was held in the cute tiny shop Fantasiapelit full of fun things: board games, action figures and even plush toys (talking Dalek one love <3)!



When we came to the shop first thing I did was checking out are there any other girls participating in the tournament. So far I couldn’t find one in the queue or around. But there were plenty of bearded guys.


Participation fee was 25 € (including the cost of cards). Each year there is a new set of cards (collectible cards) and guys were excited to check out and play new set. The atmosphere was really friendly and it was really fun to meet and talk to new people there. Guys were so cute they let me made some pics of them :3


Prerelease pack contained a box for cards, tiny poster with instructions, 6 boosters with 15 cards in each, dice, and a promo card (or as I called it my special card).


So the idea is to make a 40-cards deck out of 90 cards: 17 should be land cards (they give mana to cast creature and other spells) and 23 should be creature and other spells that you will use to kill your opponent. We had 45 minutes to build up perfect deck out of the cards we had. OMG, it was a really difficult task, especially for the person who played MTG just for a month!  I won’t explain rules of this game in here, since they are a bit complicated, but if you are interested in this game  you can check it at MTG website. Anyway, after making a deck we had to put each card in a sleeve, so it won’t be spoiled by shuffling. One of the guys had really fun sleeves with grumpy cat.


There were 6 rounds of MTG fights each consisted of 3 battles. All opponents were announced each round. So I could easily found my opponent at that list. Look at this guy, he’s full of optimism (ready to kick opponent’s butt!).


Outside is was damn cold that day (-25C).


So my first opponent was Alex. Alex plays MTG already for 10 years (since he was 15). He was a real gentlemen: no complains about how slow was I playing my cards. =)


I’ve lost really fast XD. 0-2. So I had time to check out how is it going with other players. Everyone was having so much fun (or pain, lol).


When I went to check how’s Joona doing I’ve finally find the other girl. And what do you think: just like me she was brought to this tournament  by her boyfriend.


My second opponent was a cute guy Miro (and he was the last opponent who’s name I remembered when I was writing this text, shame on me!). He has lost his first round so we’ve shared our pain together. XD Miro was playing MTG for around 10 years, and it was cool to talk to him ’cause he was such a helpful and positive opponent person. =)


We had a draw with Miro, so I had time to check out what is happening at the other tables. I didn’t know that time I’m watching my future opponent’s game!


We also played draw with him. And guess what: he also played Magic 10 years already!


My next opponent was the youngest person at the tournament. He is only 16 years old, but he is a rebel, person who was fighting system ’cause he started to play MTG when he was 6 only (13+ game)! We had a really cool round with him and I managed to kill him a turn before he’d kill me.


My next opponent came with friends by car from Mikkeli, another beautiful Finnish city. He was playing MTG for around 15 years already, and he is working in casino, so he knows how to shuffle cards in a cool way. 🙂 We had a great fight and I won 1 battle out of 3. But 2 other battles were victorious for my opponent. And so shameful for me


My last opponent was a cute beardie. He is teaching photography in Jyvaskyla.Fun fact: he was the person sitting next to me when we were building decks. He started to play MTG around 20 year ago already.oO  We had two epic fights and I won them 2-0! Yaaaaay!


When I’ve finished my game, I checked out how’s Evgeny doing. He had last fight which was really special: if he would win he will get booster pack as a prize. His stressful look frightens.


But in a minute it was disappearing with a happy winner’s face! Such a relief!


The best part of tournament was already finished, and it was a time to announce winners. Guys were a bit tired already, but excited about prizes. Our friend Joona won 3 boosters and kindly presented me one of them. So touching!



So this was my 12:00-19:00 day at the Magic The Gathering tournament. I should say it was exciting and fun experience, especially because of friendly people around and amazing atmosphere of fantasy world. Can’t wait to play it once again!


P.S. If you wanna see more photos from this event check out my Flickr account!


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