Karlsson’s Motherland

In the end of October I had an amazing trip to Sweeden. Let me show you my 6 hours in amazing city Stockholm.

Stockholm, photography, margocathingmoments
I’ve wanted to see Stockholm since my wonderful friend Natasha showed me her pictures of that gorgeous city. And a recently I was lucky to visit Stockholm with my hubby and our frinds Alex, Maria and their son Ivan.

So keep calm and enjoy Stockholm pictures!=)

Just arrived to the city. Can’t wait to see it!

Strange construction in the rock on the way to the city center.

But then I realized it was not as weird as this one.

But back to Stockholm. Architecture is beautiful. Look at this skyline!

Finally we went to the Old City.

I think each city spirit is in details.

Look how amazing is there!

Look, at the left little building there is Russian sign СЛОН, it means elephant =).

Happy Alex and Maria

And meee)) Haha) With the best model ever).

Lovely souvenir shop. I loooove these cuties!

I think this happy lion is now a symbol of Stockholm to me. =)

But back to the real city center. Modern architecture is everywhere. Some of it in my opinion is amazing and some is ridiculous.

This one is ridiculous. Why do all the models have to stay too skinny?!

Chemistry is everywhere!

Wanna see true love? After 3.5 hours of walking Maria’s uncomfy shoes hurt her feet. So Alex is massaging it to make her smile. Isn’t it cute?

Walking back was really pleasant because of the colors and sunny weather.

We found cute little market right in the city center. Pre-Halloween pumpkins and other stuff.

Our way back to the ship was really pleasant. It was like the city was saying goodbye to us.

Evgeny enjoys last moments in the city.

As well as I do.

And the ship is taking us away to Helsinki, leaving Stockholm’s sky burning bright with last moments of sunset.

See you again, Stockholm!

P.S. Have you ever heard about Karlsson – the guy who lives on the roof?


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