Let’s unleash the dog!

Meet Tosya, our lovely dog. Tosya likes running, biting and barking. Pretty ordinary dog. It also LOVES walking unleashed.

BUT in Finland walking dog unleashed is prohibited. This is logical, ’cause controlling the leashed dog is easier than unleashed one. But dogs love to run freely and finns love dogs, so they made really comfortable dog parks around cities where dogs can enjoy the free run with buddies. This is so cool for our fluffy-butt-corgi Tosya! So I want to show you the dog park 5 minutes away from our home, and some pics how our welsh corgi enjoys it.

On the way to the dog park. Tosya is already damn excited!

The dog park is separated to two parts: for small dogs (pienet koirat) and big ones (isot koirat). Also there are plastic bags and bin for dog poop, shelter to hide from rain, and free parking.

Shelter has a bench.

And the best part – dog can play with buddies! Yay!!

Now it’s getting cold and dark early in Finland. But still so beautiful!



2 thoughts on “Let’s unleash the dog!

  1. I am so glad I found your blog, your pictures Ari so amazing and all of them haave a certain feeling. Hope keep on taking lots of pictures! Best wishes from Heidi, Nuutti and Leo 🙂

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